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Jacki's Testimonials

     As a physician, Jacki's thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology is something I have really appreciated. She has always taken the time to listen to my concerns and issues, and thereby is able to tailor each session for me accordingly. I have never felt that I am having a massage by "rote". She is always professional, but with a compassionate and caring demeanor that makes it clear that her patient's welfare is of paramount importance. I can honestly say that Jacki has played a huge role in getting me through the experience of breast cancer related surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, and that she has continued to help me in the subsequent healing phase. I recommend her highly.  ~JS


      Jacki has been and continues to be a very important person in my overall cancer treatment.  The massages that she gives are wonderful and she continues to learn about my body and things that might be helpful along the way.  Cancer is different for everyone and when you have someone interested in learning and helping you, it is nothing short of amazing. ~Barbara Bruen


     It’s awesome! You don’t even feel sick when you are getting a massage!              ~Terminal ovarian cancer patient


     I wish more people that were in the hospital would consider getting a massage, as that seemed to help me the most. When everyone that comes in your room is prodding you, and never there to bring you pleasure, it sure can build up your anxiety. When I had my massage with you at the hospital I felt more like a human being than a science experiment. I also love it that you come to our home to give both of us massages, and if we could have you move in with us that would be the best part of all!  ~Juni G.


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