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Elaine's Testimonials

     Elaine's oncology massage sessions were a godsend during the months when I was undergoing chemotherapy treatments.  They helped greatly with the shooting pains in my hands, feet, and legs.  And she was gentler, more careful, and more knowledgeable than a regular massage therapist.  I recommend her services to anyone who is currently dealing with the pain of neuropathy or for stress relief from dealing with cancer and cancer treatment.    ~Kimberly K. 

     I have a chronic illness as well as Lipedema and I’ve been in a few car accidents so my body has been through a lot. I have been to several massage therapists over the past several years but It wasn’t until meeting Elaine that I can say that someone truly understood my body. Elaine thoroughly listened to my medical history and then applied her vast training and combination of skills to release the pain from my muscles. I have dealt with an ongoing issue with my feet that no physician has been able to eliminate. Elaine knew right away the cause of the problem and she knew the technique to manage the issue. Often times when I see Elaine I walk into my appointment not feeling well due to my illness but because of her caring and compassionate nature, Elaine has an ability to create a comfortable environment that is uplifting and very conducive to healing and relaxation. Elaine has far exceeded my expectations with her technical knowledge and hands-on skills. Her unique combination of skills, combined with her loving concern for each and every client, simply dissolves stress and tension. It’s amazing!    ~Stella G. 

     I initially sought out Elaine because I was still suffering the effects of peripheral neuropathy due to chemotherapy that I had gone through for breast cancer. My feet, in particular, were the biggest problem.  I had numbness and tingling and it often felt like they were in sausage casings that wanted to burst open.  It has now been four years since I completed chemotherapy and I can say that my neuropathy has diminished almost to the point of being gone completely.  I don’t believe that it would have reversed itself this fast without the treatment that I received from Elaine.

Elaine is compassionate towards her patients – you are never treated as an appointment to get through.  She regularly asks if there are any particular areas causing problems at the start of each session and she advises in advance exactly what she plans to work on.  My only complaint is that when the session is over I have to eventually get up and leave!  

I would highly recommend Elaine to everyone, but in particular anyone who is suffering the after-effects of chemotherapy or radiation.    ~Laura R. 

     Ms. Elaine Wong has given me several massages. She has helped relieve tension and stress throughout my whole body by listening and taking her time to make sure that I was comfortable with every move she made. She explains thoroughly what muscles are important to specific functions and which parts of the body she feels need to be massaged. She is open to adjustments that better suit the patient and never tries to inflict pain or unbearable discomfort. To this day, I am free of pain in my legs from the relaxing massages and helpful tips.    ~Matt Y.

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